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Brewing Methods

brewing methodsAlthough there are not as many brewing methods of coffee compared to the different kinds of coffee one can brew, there are still a sufficient amount of brewing methods to confuse us. We have some of the more popular methods, along with some of the more unusual ways to extract coffee from the bean. Naturally all coffee enthusiasts have their own favourite brewing methods to make their ideal coffee, therefore they will feel that their method would be the best. There are also many different types of equipment used for coffee brewing.

Methods Of Brewing Coffee


The Turkish coffee brewing method was used throughout the Middle East and Greece. It is believed to be the original means of extracting liqueur from coffee beans. The process is simple and results in a very strong, sweet, and thick brew that many normal people would find it hard to consume on a daily basis. As a ritual, the grinding of the coffee by hand in a special brass grinder is an enjoyable one after a Turkish or Middle Eastern meal. The coffee is ground, then places in a hot pot, called an ibrit, with sugar and water which is later boiled three times. The Turkish coffee is served in small cups.


The percolator method of brewing passes brewed coffee from a heated reservoir below up through the grounds above, repeatedly. Although a comforting aroma is present and an interesting gurgling sound as it boils, the brew produces is far from soothing. The familiar stainless steel pot, filled with bubble and brew, is often seen in films in the 1950s. The down side about this coffee that there have been recent reports that percolated coffee is correlated to cholesterol.


This is today's most popular method of brewing coffee, mainly due to its convenience. Near-boiling water is poured slowly through the grounds, either manually through a cone containing a filter, or sprayed over the grounds by any of the numerous electric drip machines. Many electrical models come with a timing device so that people can get their first cup of coffee in the morning with little or no effort at all. The water temperature must be kept at 195 F, therefore a useful machine is extremely important. After the coffee is ready, it is important to remember to remove it from the "keep-warm" burner to prevent the coffee from deteriorating.

French Press

This method is also known as Melior, after a brand name of a plunger pot. This method utilizes infusion and pressure. After placing ground coffee in the beaker, hot water is added to create a coffee "stew". This is allowed to steep, after which a plunger filter pushes the grounds to the bottom of the beaker, and the coffee is left at the top. The French press method produces coffee that allows more brewing substances to remain in the coffee compared to other methods that uses paper filters. This is perfect for people who love to have leftovers in their coffee.


This is one of the showier and more unusual methods of brewing coffee. The greatest problem about this method is that the equipment is not readily available. When the water nears boiling, it is forced up into a glass chamber with coffee grounds. After all the water is in the upper chamber, the mixture is allowed to steep and the heat is turned off. As the temperature decreases, the coffee is sucked back down to the chamber by the vacuum. It is then served in two separate pots that is ideal for after-dinner entertainment.

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