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3 In 1 Coffee

3 in 1 coffee3 In 1 Coffee appeared in the market during 1980s, but it only took off in the nineties. There is a growing trend for consumption of soluble-coffee packed as 3 In 1 coffee. A 3 in 1 coffee is basically a blended mixture of soluble coffee, refined sugar and non-dairy creamer. A standard 3in1 coffee sachet weighs 20gm. There are some other variants each weighing 14gm, 18gm to 40gm, depending on the manufacturers marketing strategies. These sachets are sold in containers carrying 20 sachets, 30 sachets, the most popular being 50 sachets family pack. In most instances 3in1 coffee is served hot.

Sometimes flavors are added to the 3 In 1 coffee mixture. The different flavored variants include Mocha coffee, Irish coffee, Cafe Latte, Hazelnut, Gano Derma (or commonly known as Lingzhi) and even Ginseng coffee.

Cappuccino 3 In 1 is a firm favourite with the Europeans and is becoming popular in the Korean, Japanese and the South East Asia market. Cold Soluble Instant Coffeemix is a recent introduction to the market. We foresee a growing demand in this as the younger consumers in Asia prefer ice coffee blend to hot coffee. The emerging Chinese coffee market and the developing countries hold huge potential for 3in1 coffeemix.

The main benefits associated with 3 In 1 coffee is convenience due to its small packed size. It is also tasty due to the use of high fat non-dairy creamer. In most cases, flavours are added to make a great tasting coffee. Low price points is another plus as it is extremely affordable.

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