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Brewing Methods


Stove-up versions, heated by the stove's burner, contain two chambers. Water is in the bottom chamber and is forced up through a filter containing the coffee grounds. It arrives gurgling in the upper chamber and is served. There are also a wide range of electric countertop models that inject hot water through the coffee grounds directly into a cup, similar to those huge machines found in coffeehouses. Home espresso machines have become a common appliance in the kitchen nowadays. Most of the models come with the means of steaming milk for cappuccino and lattes.

Cold-Water Method

This method is a not recommended for impatient coffee drinkers, although it is an especially useful means of making coffee for use in cold coffee drinks, recipes and homemade liqueurs. Mix ground coffee with cold water in a large container and let set at room temperature for approximately 10 to 12 hours. This will create a coffee extract. Strain out the grounds and refrigerate the extract and fill a cup on fourth full and fill the remainder of the cup with hot water. The coffee produced using this method is easier on the stomach as it extracts fewer of the coffee's natural oils, making the coffee less acidic.

Neapolitan Flip

This brewing method is an Italian twist on coffee making, also known as reversible drip pot. The mechanism, usually made of aluminium, consists of two chambers, with coffee secured in between them. The lower chamber is filled with water, and the whole contraption is put on the stove. During boiling, steam escapes from a pinhole below the coffee grounds. At this point, the pot is removed from the stove and flipped over. Water drips through the grounds into the now right-side-up serving pot.