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Since 1993, we have been helping many customers in Asia formulating their 3 in 1 coffee products. We will be happy to share our experience and expertise in it to help you in formulation of various coffee products. We are the official regional representative of one of the largest Brazilian instant coffee manufacturers. Click here for more information about us. 


Soluble Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that can be served both hot or in cold, bringing out the different types of aroma which coffee has in itself. Coffee is made from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant. These fragrant seeds are known as coffee seeds and they play a major role in the making of coffee. The 2 most popular types of coffee are the Arabica coffee and the Robusta coffee.

Coffee is an extremely fragrant and wonderful drink. Many people are immediately addicted to it from very first time they sample it. Nowadays, people of all ages drink coffee and it is widely loved all over the globe. Even the traditionally tea drinsoluble coffeeking nations such as Japan and Taiwan finding coffee irresistible.

Most people nowadays drink soluble coffee, also known as instant coffee. It is so because in this fast pace world, there is little time to brew and prepare coffee in its traditional way. Since the introduction of soluble coffee in the fifties, the world has increasing number of instant coffee manufacturers.

For coffee lovers, you can find various types of soluble coffee to suit your requirements. Coffee beans sourced with painstaking efforts, from Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other famous coffee producing countries, to make the best blends for your pallets.

From bulk to packed products, we offer a full range of coffee products for retail, institutional, and industrial markets. Our private labels are available in tins, glass jars or pouches, for brand owners.

There are quite a few types of soluble coffee available from us : 

Spray-Dried Soluble Coffee

Our spray dried instant coffee come in free flowing powder that is water soluble. Exclusively obtained from 100% roasted beans by physical methods using water as the only carrying agent. Spray dried is the most popular, especially with consumers who are looking for low cost coffee.

Agglomerated Coffee

A spray-dried soluble coffee, which is agglomerated in order to obtain granules of excellent solubility. Agglomerated coffee are mostly packed and sold in jars or pouches.

Freeze-dried Coffee

Coffee extract is dehydrated by freezing and sublimation process, preserving the characteristics of natural coffee. Definitely the best of the lot in term of quality. Growing consumption has been seen in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated soluble coffee are available in both Spray-dried and Agglomerated powder. Caffeine is extracted from coffee beans before processed into spray-dried powder.

Concentrated Coffee Extract

Obtained from the extraction of fragmented roasted coffee beans, using water as the only carrying agent. After which, the extract is concentrated preserving the characteristics of a roasted, rich and aromatic coffee. This type of extract are processed in low temperature, not more than 150 degree Celsius

Instant Coffee & Sugar Preparation

A well balanced mixture of powdered instant coffee with cane sugar, sometime with flavour added. This mixture can be used as an ingredient for coffee based beverage or confectionery products. Ready to be packed into 3-in-1 sachet.  A cappuccino variant is also available.

Private Label 

There are SKUs available for private labels. These are ideal for supermarket owners, brand owners, marketing companies, multi-level companies, institutions, hotels and restaurants.  Supplying soluble coffee in tins, glass jars, foil bags, 3 in 1 sachets, and bulk are our expertise.

3 in 1 Coffee

A mixture of instant Coffee, Non-Dairy or Dairy Creamers, and Sugar. Consumption of 3 in 1 Coffee is on the increase for several reasons. Convenience and low cost being the main reasons. 3 in 1 coffee originated in North Asia, and later spread to South East Asia where the product experience a consumption boom throughout the nineties. Today Russia and Ukraine are amongst the biggest market for 3 in 1 coffee. However, 3 in 1 coffee is fast catching up in the Europe, New Zealand, Australia and USA.